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For those of you who are new to sport fishing in Puerto Vallarta my name is Juan Moll, and yes that was me you saw fishing for giant yellow fin tuna on ESPN, or read about in Marlin Magazine. I am a very well-known boat owner and captain in Puerto Vallarta dedicated to sports fishermen serious about big game and record breaking catches. I offer personalized world class Puerto Vallarta fishing charters for a variety of species. Black, blue, and striped marlin, record breaking yellow fin tuna, and an abundance of dorado and sailfish is what Puerto Vallarta has to offer, and with 3 generations of sport fishing experience in Puerto Vallarta I am very qualified to find, catch, and send you home with big fish and amazing stories.

Apart from the fact that I operate one of the best sport fishing vessels in Puerto Vallarta, and that my English speaking crew are among some of the most qualified big game sports fishermen in the entire world, I like to believe my patron clients who claim my sport fishing charters in Puerto Vallarta offer fishermen something extra. Although sport fishing is my business it is also my passion, so I know what you want from a sport fishing charter and am ready to meet and exceed your expectations. More about me

Sport Fishing Charters

Your custom Puerto Vallarta fishing charter is exactly that, for beginners I will take you to the fish, show you how to catch them, and have you posing in photos that would make any professional sports fisherman jealous.
For those of you with more experience, my crew and myself are only there to help, advise, and bring you back to port safely. However, as I previously mentioned I am committed to catching big fish, I want to take you for more than a nice boat ride, so I will obviously advise more and more until we’re catching fish. More about My Sport Fishing Charters

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